The Restitution of Creative Writing into Greek Educational Reality

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«The Restitution of Creative Writing into Greek Educational Reality» 

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Kotopoulos, T.H. & Nanou, V. (2016). The Restitution of Creative Writing into Greek Educational Reality. In Harper, G. (ed.). Exploring Creative Writing: Voices from the Great Writing International Creative Writing Conference. Newcastle upon Tyne, Cambridge (UK): Cambridge Scholars Publishing, p.147-160


Most scholars agree that the history of Creative Writing begins in Athens with Aristotle’s pivotal work Poetics. The great philosopher essentially indicated what those who wanted to compose a poetic drama should choose as well as what they should avoid. Unfortunately, even though the first seeds of Creative Writing were planted in Greece, during the ensuing years, this academic field has been largely disregarded by and sometimes has been virtually unbeknownst to the Greek educational community. Only during the last 15 years, there seems to be a “reintroduction” of the practice and teaching of Creative Writingto Greek educational reality. Surprisingly, Creative Writing was initially introduced as an academic discipline in Tertiary Education through postgraduate and undergraduate curricula and courses. Furthermore, a number of exercises governed by the logic of Creative Writing have been incorporated into the curricula of Primary and Secondary Education, related to the teaching of language and literature, without though establishing Creative Writing as an autonomous and concise course. This chapter reflects upon the current trends of Creative Writing teaching in all stages of the Greek education and highlights at the same time the simplistic war which continues to exist as part of broader problems afflicting the Greek educational community at the beginning of the 21st century. It also explores possible routes that Creative Writing Teaching can take in order to reassert itself and diffuse its principles, practises and logic through the entirety of the Greek educational system.

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