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Teaching, Department of Elementary Education, UOWM
Conceptual Physics: scientists’ versus pupils’ knowledge (taught in English language)

The course aims at helping students to: (a) interpret a number of physical phenomena, (b) understand the role of models and modeling in science education, (c) approach a number of inquiry skills. It includes lectures and laboratories.

Science Teaching (taught in English language)

This course aims at helping students to: (a)  acquaint the main teaching models of science education; (b) apply a specific scaffolding tool in order to analyze these teaching models. Furthermore, taking into account these teaching models, students will be able to design and teach science lessons for the two last primary school years (5th and 6th grades). We also aim to make students recognize the similarities as well as the differences between their own lesson planning and their related teaching. Last but not least students will be able to discriminate an hour teaching models designed and applied by their colleagues. The course includes lectures, instruction in real classroom, and reflective workshops.

Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Science Education (taught in English language)

It includes formal as well as non formal educational activities. Student teachers study the main aspects of Pedagogical Content Knowledge. They also analyse a group of experiments in order to consider their applicability in Primary School.  Student teachers learn to design, organise and implement site visits and poster exhibitions in school area.  The course includes lectures, workshops and visits in technoscience sites.

Teaching-Learning in Science Education Postgraduate
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