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Dinas, K., & Vamvakidou, I. (2021). Sarakatsani of Bulgaria: Greeks of Disintegration in United Europe. Multilingual Academic Journal of Education and Social Sciences, 9(1), 70–78.

Methodologically, based on the literature and the real daily life of the Sarakatsani of Bulgaria, we bring back the question of Greekness? About the Greek language, the religion (orthodoxy), the education and the nostalgia that compose the identity of the Roms. The Sarakatsani of Bulgaria, according to most scholars, are a Greek-speaking nomadic population originating from the region of South Pindos, who after the establishment of the Balkan states chose to remain in Bulgaria. In the field of modern historical, linguistic and political sciences, we perceive theSarakatsani of Bulgaria – as Greeks outside Greece in the United Europe.

Keywords: Sarakatsani, Greeks, Bulgaria

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Goti, E., Dina, M., & Dinas, K. (2021). The Multiliteracies in the “Pilot” Curriculum of Language Teaching of 2011 and in the Revised of 2014. Multilingual Academic Journal of Education and Social Sciences, 9(1), 211–232.

In 2011, in the context of the “New School”, the new (pilot) Curriculum was written and in 2014 was released its revised version. In both versions there are references to “Multiliteracies”. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the presence of multiliteracies and to write down the changes that occur between its two “versions”, as well as the interventions of completion, revision and updating. The comparative presentation of the programs shows their strongest presence in its revised version. At the same time issues are highlighted, which mainly concern the targets and the teaching methodology. Taking into consideration that multiliteracies have a strong ability to convey meanings to students both indirectly and directly, it is important the school to systematize their teaching by setting specific targets, which emphasize the production of meanings in a variety of linguistic and cultural contexts, and with specific strategies and “tools”.

Keywords: Curriculum, Preschool Education, Multiliteracies, Multimodal Text.

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Gkantia, E., & Dinas, K. D. (2021). Preschool Experiences of Children Interacting with Digital Stories: Focusing on Suspense as a Factor of Enjoyment. Multilingual Academic Journal of Education and Social Sciences, 9(1), 197–210.

The present study focuses on the study of suspense in the context of exploring the experiences of preschool children in their interaction with a form of digital story, connecting suspense with the enjoyment of learning. The study seeks to contribute to the expansion of research into the user experience in the fields of new (interactive) media, as the conception and empirical evaluation of the way in which listeners, and in particular young children, respond to a (interactive) digital story is not developed. The sample consisted of 32 children of kindergarten and pre-kindergarten age, who, after being divided into two groups, were exposed to listening to a different form of the same digital aloud reading: interactive and non-interactive. The measurement of suspense was based on the verbal (use of language, making noise) and non-verbal (facial expressions, physical movement, gestures, touching) reactions of toddlers, which are manifestations of their involvement in the outcome of the story. Verbal and non-verbal behaviors were videotaped during digital reading aloud. The data were coded for each child at one-minute intervals, examining the simultaneous behavior and then collected, to determine the frequency measurements of the individual toddler behaviors by type in each form of digital narrative. The results show that a) digital storytelling in both listening conditions caused intense suspense in preschool children as it is a narrative adventure that has the structure of a story of agony,b)there are no significant differences between the two listening conditions, c) linearity of the narrative, the role of the user and the degree of his interaction with the digital story are reduced to important factors that increase suspense and enjoyment. Further research could be related to the investigation of toddlers’ reactions when the interaction is presented as a challenge or a game, when it is reduced to (re) -creation and when it enhances the experience of the story by the user taking on a role in the plot of the narrative.

Keywords: Suspense, Enjoyment, Interaction with Digital Story

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Γκαντιά, Ε. & Ντίνας, Κ. 2021. Το ενδιαφέρον ως προγνωστικός δείκτης της κατανόησης της ακρόασης ψηφιακών ιστοριών από παιδιά προσχολικής ηλικίας. International Journal of Educational Innovation 3 (1), σσ. 126-138

Σκοπός της παρούσας μελέτης είναι η διερεύνηση της προγνωστικής αξίας του προσωπικού και περιστασιακού/ καταστασιακού ενδιαφέροντος για την κατανόηση της ακρόασης ψηφιακών ιστοριών από παιδιά προσχολικής ηλικίας. Το δείγμα αποτέλεσαν 36 νήπια και προνήπια, τα οποία, αφού χωρίστηκαν σε τρεις ομάδες, εκτέθηκαν στην ακρόαση μιας διαφορετικής μορφής της ίδιας ψηφιακής μεγαλόφωνης ανάγνωσης: διαδραστική, κινούμενα σχέδια, στατικές εικόνες και προφορική αφήγηση του κειμένου. Για την αξιολόγηση της κατανόησης της ιστορίας χρησιμοποιήθηκαν τέσσερις μετρήσεις (αναδιήγησης της ιστορίας, χρονικής ακολουθίας των γεγονότων, κυριολεκτικής κατανόησης και συνεπαγωγικής κατανόησης), ενώ για την εκτίμηση του ενδιαφέροντος των παιδιών σε τέσσερις διαστάσεις (τεχνολογία, ιστορίες, ζώα, φυτά) έγινε χρήση της αναφοράς των γονέων. Τα αποτελέσματα δείχνουν πως ο τομέας της τεχνολογίας συγκεντρώνει τα υψηλότερα ποσοστά στις μετρήσεις του ενδιαφέροντος, ενώ το προσωπικό και το περιστασιακό/ καταστασιακό ενδιαφέρον ανάγονται σε σημαντικούς προβλεπτικούς δείκτες της αναδιήγησης της ιστορίας, της κυριολεκτικής και της συνεπαγωγικής κατανόησης της ιστορίας.

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Orphanide, I., Louca, P., Chatzipanagiotidou, A., & Dinas, K. D. (2022). Diglossia in Cyprus: Constructing A Questionnaire to Measure Russian-Speaking Immigrants’ Attitudes towards Learning Common Greek as L2 and Perceived Level of Exposure and Attitudes towards Cypriot Greek. Multilingual Academic Journal of Education and Social Sciences, 10(1), 20-37.


Cyprus is an island country where diglossia exists, potentially creating certain communicational issues for Cyprus’s many immigrants. Second Language Acquisition (SLA) research has shown that attitudes towards L2 and towards SLA significantly affect L2 acquisition. This study describes the design, development, and validation of the Second Language Acquisition in Diglossia Questionnaire (SLA-Dig), which was administered to the largest immigrant minority on the island. Initially the SLA-Dig consisted of 41 Likert type items designed to measure four factors. The SLA- Dig was translated into immigrants’ LI and was originally administered to 105 individuals. Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) led to subsequent adaptation. The final version, consisting of 22 questions, was administered to another sample of 182 immigrants. EFA results were in accordance with the original analysis. Reliability analysis resulted in satisfactory Cronbach’s a coefficients, consistent with a valid and reliable research tool for conducting research on factors affecting SLA in diglossia situations.

Keywords: Diglossia, Language Attitudes, Non-Standard Variety, Second Language (L2) Learning, Communicative Competence, Instrumental/lntegrative Orientation

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Γκαντιά, Ε. & Ντίνας, Κ. 2021. Αξιολόγηση της κατανόησης της ακρόασης μιας ψηφιακής ιστορίας με τη συνδρομή των Τ.Π.Ε. i-Teacher, 26, σσ. 162-173

Η παρούσα διδακτική παρέμβαση παρουσιάζει τη δυναμική αξιοποίησης των ΤΠΕ στην κατανόηση της ακρόασης ψηφιακών ιστοριών. Με τη δημιουργική εμπλοκή των λογισμικών WordArt και CmapTools, των εργαλείων Web 2.0, Story Jumper, Kahoot και PowToon, του προγράμματος παρουσίασης PowerPoint και της εφαρμογής Learning apps ενισχύεται και αξιολογείται η ολόπλευρη κατανόηση της ψηφιακής ιστορίας, δηλαδή η ανάκληση της ιστορίας, η ικανότητα τοποθέτησης γεγονότων σε λογική σειρά, η κυριολεκτική και η συνεπαγωγική της κατανόηση με μια κριτική θεώρηση του κειμένου. Παρουσιάζεται ο σχεδιασμός, η οργάνωση και η εφαρμογή διδακτικού σεναρίου με τη συνδρομή των Τ.Π.Ε., το οποίο έχει δοκιμαστεί σε 14 μαθητές προσχολικής ηλικίας.

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Ντίνας, Κ. & Ντίνας, Δ. 2021. Διδακτική αξιοποίηση των κειμένων μαζικής κουλτούρας στο πλαίσιο της Παιδαγωγικής των Πολυγραμματισμών και του Κριτικού Γραμματισμού. Στο Ηλιάδου, Σ., Γρίβα, Ε. & Κασβίκης, Κ. (επιμ.) Τάκης Μπέσσας Καλλιτέχνης-Δάσκαλος-Πανεπιστημιακός, σσ. 196-209

Given the central role of mass culture (e.g. advertisements, movies, TV series etc.) in our postmodern era, mass culture texts have been introduced into many curricula as teaching material. It is widely argued that mass culture texts help students to get actively involved in the classroom proceedings, to expand their creativity and to facilitate their understanding of abstract scientific notions. On the other hand, mass culture texts constitute one of the basic mechanisms for the production and understanding of linguistic variance phenomena, insomuch they derive elements from the entire spectrum of the available sociolinguistic resources of a certain linguistic community (e.g. geographical dialects, socio- lects, minority languages).

However, mass culture texts do not reflect the sociolinguistic reality but, by means of practices of choice and transformation, they represent it through a particular perspective that propagates certain ideologies for the language and the world. Therefore, the primary educational objective of the mass culture texts is to develop the critical stance of the students against the representations of the sociolinguistic reality that is constructed in such texts, in order for the students to understand their ideological functions.

Adopting the Pedagogy of Multi-Literacies we will analyze the terms and conditions of their educational use in the frames of the language teaching ap- proaches of Critical Literacy.

Γκαντιά, Ε. & Ντίνας, Κ. 2020. Επαυξημένη Πραγματικότητα και ανάπτυξη της αλφαβητικής γνώσης. http://educationext.gr, τ. 3ο, Φεβρουάριος 2020, σσ. 124-135

Το παρόν άρθρο περιγράφει τον σχεδιασμό και την αξιολόγηση ενός ελληνικού αλφαβητικού βιβλίου Επαυξημένης Πραγματικότητας (Ε.Π.). Χρησιμοποιώντας την ταμπλέτα και το φυσικό βιβλίο τα παιδιά μπορούν να δουν τρισδιάστατο το αλφάβητο με διασκεδαστικό και διαδραστικό τρόπο χρησιμοποιώντας τους δείκτες μοτίβων ως εργαλείο αλληλεπίδρασης. Παράλληλα, με την ενσωμάτωση στοιχείων όπως η κινούμενη εικόνα και ο ήχος επιδιώκεται η εξοικείωση των παιδιών με τις δύο ταυτότητες/ιδιότητες του κάθε γράμματος, του ονόματος και του ήχου του, καθώς και του γραφικού του σχήματος (κεφαλαίο –πεζό). Για την αξιολόγηση του βιβλίου Ε.Π. διεξάχθηκε μια μελέτη παρατήρησης με δείγμα 42 παιδιά προσχολικής ηλικίας, ώστε να εξεταστεί η ά- ποψή τους για το βιβλίο Ε.Π.. Τα αποτελέσματα έδειξαν πως τα περισσότερα παιδιά το απολαμβάνουν. Η παρατήρηση της συμπεριφοράς των παιδιών κατά τη διάρκεια της μελέτης επιβεβαιώνει το ανωτέρω εύρημα, καθώς τα περισσότερα παιδιά ζητούσαν επανειλημμένως να χρησιμοποιήσουν το βιβλίο Ε.Π. Τα αποτελέσματα αναδεικνύουν τη δυνατότητα του αλφαβητικού βιβλίου Ε.Π. να αποτελέσει – ειδικά για τα παιδιά προσχολικής ηλικίας – ένα εργαλείο για τη δημιουργία διασκεδαστικού περιβάλλοντος μάθησης, που διατηρεί τη δέσμευση των μαθητών και ελκύει το ενδιαφέρον τους.

Λέξεις-κλειδιά: Επαυξημένη πραγματικότητα, αλφαβητική γνώση, διασκεδαστική μάθηση

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Orphanide, I., Chatzipanagiotidou, A. & Dinas, K.D. (2020). Teachers of Greek in a diglossia situation: to teach or not to teach the Cypriot Greek dialect to foreigners?, Journal of Applied Languages and Linguistics, 4(2), ALS House Publications. Athens, Greece, pp. 128-141 

Ferguson’s (1959) definition of diglossia characterizes the current sociolinguistic situation in the island country of Cyprus. Standard Modern Greek (SMG) is the High Variety and Cypriot Greek (CG) is the Low Variety. Many immigrants come to Cyprus seeking a better life. The question of whether they need to be exposed to CG while learning SMG in order to improve their level of communicative competence in Cyprus is researched here through qualitative semi-structured interviews with seven experienced teachers of Greek as a Second language (GSL) to adults. The need to expose students to part of CG, for their level of communicative competence to improve, is recognized by all teachers. Teachers’ attitude towards CG was associated with the way they treat the diglossia issue when teaching GSL. A positive attitude towards CG was associated with higher likelihood of addressing the issue of diglossia in their teaching practice and feeling the need for the State to take a stance. Comparative methodology is used by all teachers, irrespective of their attitude. In conclusion, when teaching GSL to adults, the main linguistic variety used should be SMG, but partial exposure to CG can be adopted from the beginner level.

Akritidis, N., Konstantopoulos, K., Dinas, K., Palaiologou, N. & Patsiou, S. 2020. Refugee students in greek school: mapping the situation in Central and Western Macedonia, needs and suggestions. 4th International Conference Education Across Borders Education in the 21st Century: Challenges and Perspectives, 824-832

The region of Central and Western Macedonia embraced the refugee and asylum seekers from the very first moment they arrived in our country, trying to implement the educational measures which are set by the Ministry of Education, to meet the needs of this new population in the direction of respect, human rights and dignity for every human being.

Keywords: Refugee Education, Asylum Seekers, Refugee Education Coordinators, Intercultural Education

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